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We specialise in teaching driving skills to people of all ages in a calm, patient and friendly manner and tailor lessons to each individual’s needs.

Why Choose Us ?

We understand that everyone learns at a different pace and has a different learning style so we teach in a way that works for you. Our aim is to train up drivers who not only pass their licence test but become lifelong safe, courteous and aware drivers. We also love to help long-time drivers brush up on their skills so they continue to feel confident on our increasingly busy roads.

We are based in Warkworth but cover a wide area including the Silverdale/Orewa testing area. We also regularly run Street Talk defensive driving courses.

Warkworth Driving Academy vehicles may also be used for licence tests, by arrangement, if you have had at least 3hrs of lessons with us.

We can also help with overseas licence conversions, driving assessments of employees, court referrals, assessments of older drivers and refresher lessons for long-time drivers wanting to brush up on their skills.

Our Services

Driving Lessons

There’s no quicker, more certain way to learn the rules of the road than with a qualified WDA Instructor. Our trainers know how to get the best from you. They’ll help you feel at ease in the driving seat so you can pass your test with confidence.

Street Talk Defensive Driving Courses

Whether you’re on your learner or restricted licence, you can reduce the time it takes to get your full licence by six months when you complete an NZTA approved WDA Certified Defensive Driving Course. This means you could apply for your full licence as early as 17½ years old.

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Our Lessons

Our lessons cover the wider Warkworth area as well as the Silverdale/Orewa/Millwater practical licence test area. Our cars have dual control pedals. We can use your car or ours for lessons – you choose! No need to travel far as lessons start from Warkworth or your work, school or home within the Warkworth township area. We can also come to you outside of Warkworth, including Wellsford, for a pick up/drop off surcharge by arrangement.

For health and safety reasons we usually require you to start with a 1hr lesson in our dual control car so we can assess your driving level.

Payment has to be made by direct debit into account number 03-1399-0023021-00 prior to the lesson. Please put your name as reference.

1 Hour Lesson

Good for beginner / intermediate learners

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1.5 Hour Lesson

Good for intermediate / advanced learners

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2 Hour Lesson

Good for advanced learners

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Use of instructor to accompany to restricted test

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Package deal

5 hrs of lessons (Pre-paid in full)

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Defensive Driving

This course is for learners/restricted drivers wanting to reduce their restricted licence time.

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Pickup Charges

Prices and Terms & Conditions valid from 2021 and are subject to change without notice. Charges below is per lesson.


Total Instructors






Combined Experience Years


Every member of our instructor team is fully qualified...

Anette Goetter Owner / Driving Instructor

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Neil Collings Driving Instructor/Street Talk Defensive Driving Course provider

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Andrew FieldDriving Instructor

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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions valid from 2021 and are subject to change without notice


  • Full payment is required prior to lesson to confirm lesson booking
  • Payment is to be made via online banking
  • The client is responsible for any costs arising from traffic infringements or offences that may occur during the lesson
  • Warkworth Driving Academy (WDA) cars have current WOF and Rego and are presented in a clean and tidy, legal roadworthy condition. They are fully insured and clients are covered in the event of an accident if driving with the permission of WDA. The client is liable for any and all costs, including insurance excess, arising out of any damage, accidents or incidents that may occur while the client is driving


  • If the client wishes to cancel/postpone a lesson, a minimum of 24hrs notice is required
  • Cancellations/postponements received less than 24 hours prior to the lesson will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the lesson cost
  • Cancellations/postponements received on the same day as the lesson, or failure to attend, will be subject to a cancellation fee of 100% of the lesson cost
  • If the instructor needs to cancel the lesson for any reason, no cancellation fee will be charged and the lesson will be re-booked for a time that suits both client and instructor

No Show or Late

  • If a client fails to show up for a lesson the instructor will attempt to contact the client and will wait 15min before cancelling the lesson. 100% of the lesson cost will still be charged
  • If a client is late for their lesson they should make every attempt to contact the instructor to advise. The lesson will still finish at the scheduled time unless the instructors schedule allows for the time to be made up. This is at the discretion of the instructor
  • In the unavoidable event of the instructor being late, they will make every attempt to contact the client to advise of this prior to the start of the lesson
  • If the instructor is late for the lesson, the time will either be made-up at the end of the lesson or, if this is not possible, a refund given for missed time

Client Must / May

  • Client must bring a current and valid (in NZ) licence to each lesson. If a lesson cannot be completed due to client not having their licence, 100% of the lesson cost will still be charged
  • The client must ensure they come to the lesson ‘fit to drive’, being well rested, nourished and hydrated, and must not be under the influence of drugs (prescription and illegal) or alcohol
  • For health and safety reasons, if the instructor deems that the client is not ‘fit to drive’ for any reason whatsoever, the instructor is able to cancel the lesson. 100% of the lesson cost will still be charged (extenuating circumstances may result in a refund which will be at WDA discretion)
  • The client may be accompanied on their lesson by a support person who is over the age of 20 years and is able to act in the capacity of a driving supervisor ie. have had their full licence (NZ or equivalent) for at least two years
  • If using ‘own car’ the vehicle must have a current WOF/Rego/RUC’s and be in a clean and tidy, legal roadworthy condition. The client must be covered by the vehicle’s insurance and is liable for any and all costs, including insurance excess, arising out of any damage, accidents or incidents that may occur during the lesson
  • The instructor will act in a professional manner and make every attempt to avoid damage to the vehicle but will not be held liable or cover any resulting costs should an accident or incident occur while the client is in control of the vehicle
  • It is expected that every effort will be made by the client to drive in a safe and controlled manner (as appropriate to their level of skill) and to follow the instructions of the driving instructor at all times

Neil CollingsNC

I moved to Warkworth in 2009 with my wife and three children, people may remember me as a teacher at Mahurangi College also as a driving instructor and motorcycle testing officer and trainer. I have taught either in a classroom or to a motorist for over twenty years.

My focus now is helping people to be safer drivers. Which is why I will continue with this theme by running the Defensive Driving courses in Warkworth.

My aim is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to make a lifelong safe motorist. The best way to achieve this is by providing the most up to date training techniques in a safe, relaxed and fun way.

I am looking forward to seeing novice and experienced drivers in the classroom and on defensive driving training around Warkworth.


With a rural background in farming and over 46 years driving experience on NZ roads I made a decision to help younger students achieve the life skills required to become safe, competent, confident drivers on our roads.

My vision to achieve the independence that goes with unassisted driving, is through advise and encouragement.

My greatest reward, To see and experience a student to whom driving is not a natural attribute, grow and flourish and in doing so become a skilled and safe driver.

This is however tinged with sadness, as of the chick that flies the nest. I no longer have the privilege of their company along side me.

Anette GoetterAG

I recently took over the Warkworth Driving Academy and am excited to continue the great service and professionalism from previous owner Sandy Dick.

I have lived in Warkworth and surrounds for 16 years and love dealing with people of all ages and backgrounds. I am a fully qualified class 1 Driving Instructor, member of NZ Institute of Driving Educators, with 40 years driving experience on European and New Zealand roads.

I look forward to passing on the skills required to make our students safe and confident drivers.

Contact Us

Anette Goetter Owner / Driving Instructor

Mobile Number 021 686562